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From mild summers to cool winters, the continental climate of Ottawa, Ont., offers a little bit of both. As you work hard all year round to keep your home beautiful, let our company deal with your tree problem.

Our company is locally trusted and consists of certified arborists who are trained to manage any scenario, big or small. Our team has vast experience working with hundreds of tree species native to Ottawa, and we’ll know what to do and what to expect for work on your house.

Not only do we give tailored and realistic quotes on each job; our team of experts assures that the assets of and homeowner we deal with are protected. Let’s do the job, whether it’s pruning leaves, cutting a tree, or grinding a stump.

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Eliminating the Chance

The Internet is an influential platform that links people on a regular basis in advisory forums on how to deal with virtually any home-related problem that occurs. However, when it comes to pruning, relocating, or removing a tree from your house, we advise you to consider the possible risks of doing so yourself:

● Harm to the house not protected by most insurance companies

● Injury to the vehicle not protected by most insurance companies

● Serious and life-threatening injuries

● Loss in property value

● Elevated chance of storm runoff;

Pruning trees or chopping down a small tree may sound possible, but there is a danger of destroying your house or vehicle without sufficient equipment and experience. Wayward branches can smash glass, and even young trees can do substantial harm to the outside of the house.

In addition, the Tree Care Industry Association reviewed 45 reports of civil tree-related accidents in 2013. Both the incidents included homeowners who decided to do it themselves. Tragically, more than 60 per cent of the cases examined were fatal.

Tree Wellness and Landscape Advantages

A beautiful, productive tree does wonders for the climate. Due to routine maintenance and care, the tree will support your property in the following ways:

● Help your house cool off in the summer

● Minimize cost of electricity

● Filter and boost air quality;

● Boost the containment of appeal

Trees, much like any garden plant, demand care to maintain the health of the plant. Of course, dead branches need trimming, but many homeowners are not instantly comfortable with the optimal timing for tree maintenance.

Our team is well versed in pruning trees not just for the sake of protection, but also for the sake of visual appeal. Trimming branches on a regular basis helps you to decide on the form and profile of your tree to improve the exterior aesthetics of your house.

Preventing Larger Issues

Sometimes a tree that looks dead or shows serious damage can occur as a result of a pest infestation. Drywood termites are known to live in trees in Ontario and may inflict severe, unnoticed harm if left unchecked.

When the termite colonies live out of sight, the tree can lose structural stability and pose a risk of damage or injury. Colonies will replicate and migrate, transferring the infestation from the tree to the inside of the house.

Several other local forms of pests are included, but are not limited to:

● Influential Moth Angulosis

● Weevils of Acorn

U.S. Cockroaches

● Wasps of Braconid

● Centipedes with bark

● The Black Carpenter Ant

As a result, a quicker reaction to a discolored or injured tree can keep it from dying, but it can also save your home and family from the headache of an infestation. Let our experts diagnose the problem and contain any pests discovered to be living in your tree.

Answer the Unlikely One

Locals are familiar with the forms of natural disasters that can occur, including extreme snow storms, severe flooding, and severe windstorms. These and other incidents will do significant damage to your tree, leaving it partly or entirely fragmented.

While we are happy and able to assist with any and all needs relating to tree maintenance, removal is not always the only solution. The cabling and bracing of the tree gives protection to the foundation of the plant in order to avoid injury to or from the tree.

We want you to be confident that we don’t look at any property and circumstance through the same prism. In this way, we don’t assume that one size suits all the challenges that occur.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What’s an arborist, exactly?

The arborist is a trained and licensed expert who specializes in the maintenance, removal and relocation of trees. Our staff members are expected to comply with the qualification criteria in compliance with our pledge of excellence and quality work.

When it comes to correct credentials, Tree Company never sacrifices. Our team members will place their talents and experience at your disposal to ensure that your needs are met from start to finish.

2. What if I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with my tree?

Don’t think about it. Our arborists are perfectly trained to determine your particular situation and come up with a personalized approach to suit your needs. We strongly believe that not every dilemma has the same solution and thus do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our company respects the property of our clients and, at the same time, acknowledges the interests of our clients. This means that we’re going to be as versatile as you need us to be so that we don’t disturb the routine.

3. How long do I need to continue with the upkeep of my tree?

Any tree species need varying degrees of care and intervals. In addition, we know that every home scenario is special and that our clients will have varying needs from one job to another.

We want to convince our clients that our team members are professionals at what they do and will do their utmost to ensure consistency. We assume that repeat business is won, not needed.

4. Why are you insured?

We at Ottawa Arborists Inc. want to protect the rights of all parties interested in any sort of work. This includes you as the owner of your house, our arborist, and our business as a whole. We assume that it is important for any tree removal firm to have liability insurance to specifically determine where the risk lies anytime a job has an issue or an event of any sort.

Our dedication is to do healthy and high-quality work to deter a significant accident from ever happening, but at the same time we want you to be confident that we are prepared for an emergency.

5. How is it that your tree care supports me and my property?

Good and well-maintained trees increase the attractiveness and will make a positive contribution to the value of your land. Home hunters are eager to provide a strong tree cover offered by fully mature trees, which is why trees have been shown to raise their home prices by around 7%.

In addition, mature trees can also support auxiliary structures such as swing sets and tree houses, all of which add property value and make for enjoyable outdoor spaces.

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